Halo Nail Prep & Scrub 100ml (Dehydrator)

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Part of our range of products to compliment Halo Gel Polish, Prep & Scrub is a spray on, air dried dehydrator that perfectly prepares the nail plate and helps to eliminate lifting.

Gorgeous orange & mango scent! 

Halo Gel Polish couldn’t be easier to apply! For maximum wear, follow our simple step by step below:

    1. Prepare the nails by shaping, doing cuticle work and removing surface shine with a 220 grit buffer. Make sure you remove the shine at the sidewalls and around the cuticle.
    2. Use our Halo Prep & Scrub to remove any dust and oils from the nail plate.
    3. Apply a Halo Base Coat in a thin layer. Remember to cap the free edge!
    4. Cure for 30 seconds in a UV Lamp.
    5. Pick your fave Halo Gel Polish colour and apply a thin later to the nail, remembering again to cap that free edge.
    6. Cure for 30 seconds in a Halo Smart Lamp.
    7. Apply a second thin layer of your chosen Halo Gel Polish, seal the free edge and cure for 30 seconds.
    8. Apply a thin layer of your chosen Halo Top Coat sealing the free edge and cure for 30 seconds.
    9. Some of our Top Coats need their sticky layer removing with a Lint-Free Pad and Gel Wipe.
    10. Apply Cuticle Oil once the manicure has finished.