Halo EasiBuild Trial Kit

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Halo EasiBuild Trial Kit
Halo EasiBuild Trial Kit
Halo EasiBuild Trial Kit

The ideal way to get started with Halo EasiBuild! 


2 x EasiBuild 5ml (Clear & Dare2Bare Pink)
1 x Halo Gel Polish Rubber Base Coat 5ml
1 x Halo Gel Polish Non-Wipe Top Coat 5ml 

New Halo EasiBuild is the next generation of Builder Gels; developed using the latest gel technology to create a brush on builder gel!

  • Easy application
  • Ideal for sculpting with forms or nail tips
  • Can be cured under LED or UV
  • No primer needed
  • 6 colours available to suit all skin tones

Preparation of the Natural Nail

  1. Sanitise your hands and your client's hands.
  2. Remove any polish or gel polish.
  3. Push back the cuticles and remove any non-living tissue off the nail plate.
  4. File the natural nails with a 180 grit nail file.
  5. If using Tips, gently etch the natural nail vertically from cuticle to free edge to remove the shine using a 180 grit File.
  6. Remove dust and scrub the nail with Halo Prep & Scrub.
  7. Apply Nail Tips or Forms.


  1. Apply Halo Base Coat, avoid flooding the cuticle area and nail walls - cure for 30 seconds LED*
  2. Apply a slick layer of EasiBuild to the nail following the Base Coat application. This will guide your building layer to the correct place on the nail bed. Do not cure this layer.
  3. Now apply a building layer directly on top of the slick layer. Concentrate on your apex and structure. If product flattens you can hold your hand upside down to help regain the shape. Cure for 30 seconds. Repeat Step 2:2 if you do not have required shape.
  4. Using a lint free wipe, remove sticky layer with Gel Wipe.


  1. File the nails with a 180 grit file to refine the shape, length and surface.
  2. Buff the nails with a to smooth.
  3. Remove dust.
  4. Apply Halo Gel Polish Top Coat.
  5. Cure For 30 seconds.
  6. Allow time to cool before applying Cuticle Oil.


  1. Remove bulk with a 180 grit file until you almost hit the base coat.
  2. Place hands in a heated bowl of acetone for 10 minutes to remove excess EasiBuild and base coat.
  3. If product fails to remove, buff the nail further and replace hand into acetone.
  4. Buff the nails with a 220 Grit Buff and apply Cuticle Oil and massage in.

Please Note

* Cure times are based on a 48w  Lamp
**Cure times for a UV Lamp can be between 60-120 seconds (depending on strength of lamp and age of bulbs)


Halo EasiBuild Trial Kit
Halo EasiBuild Trial Kit
Halo EasiBuild Trial Kit